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Our Peach Black Birthday

A Peach Black Birthday Already?

Yes, we are the type who’s always down to celebrate no matter how big or small the occasion. While this milestone might be abrupt, it is one of the more important ones. We’ve been active for 1 month now, and my oh my was the public’s response positive. 

What better way to celebrate than with a song?

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Where it all began.

Where shall we begin our tale? Where did the first signs of Peach Black creative’s existence begin? The beginning might be a great start to a story one might think, but not this time. 

It all began with two university students who had a dream of becoming a world-renowned radio journalist and the other a radio presenter. Little did they know these two goals would lead to their paths crossing. Bianca, our “Future Journalist” and I, David, the “Wannabe Presenter” joined the campus’ radio station PUKfm. Yes, I’m one of the students in this story, but who better to tell it than the person who’s lived through it all?

The dreaded assignment.

Yes, we all use to dread forced group assignment, especially when you barely know your team members. As luck may have it and despite us never ever really talking before that day the two of us got paired up together. And you won’t believe what the assignment was, “Create a brand identity for a small local sewing business” and without missing a beat it all just came together. Finally, we’re starting to see the first signs of Peach Black’s existence.

Look what we have here...

The Famous first brand logo


One of our latest

Jub Logo

Success, our power duo finally started working together!

Instantly, we knew that this kind of teamwork could not go to waste. With that said group assignments became a little less of a problem. After graduation, this killer team was bound to have to split. But nope, as faith would have it we land our first jobs within 2 kilometres from each other in the heart of Parkhurst, South-Africa. There Bianca would discover her passion for Social Media and art directing and I would start my journey through learning how to design and write blogs from scratch. 

Throughout this period we’d show off our newly acquired skills to each other. One day it just struck us out of the blue. We could be doing exactly what we’ve learnt but as a team and provide a complete selection of services and have the added benefit of getting to know the owner behind the brand. We’ve discovered at an early stage that forming a strong relationship with the person behind the brand you are busy growing is crucial. After all with this great benefit comes transparency and solid results.     

We never could have expected this...

We noticed that smaller businesses within our community struggled with their branding and no one seemed to care one bit. That’s where the business model started taking form. We’d contact these overlooked companies and give them the same kind of service we all deserve but at a reasonable price.

Word got around fast that there were new kids on the block to look out for. By just treating people with the dignity they deserve along with transparency we later started receiving more referrals to companies outside of Sunny South-Africa. Where these new opportunities would take us next is something beyond our wildest dreams.

The Unstoppable 4

While working with Brow Haus Constanta we found ourselves becoming close friends with its owners Cherese and Corneliu. Even though they hired us to assist with the growth of their brand, they seemed to be a little more informed on marketing than our usual clients. That was great, as now we’d be challenged a little more, but never did we know it would ever reach this magnitude. 

We’d bounce ideas off of each other to enhance the Brow Haus experience, but we’d catch ourselves drifting towards more modern methods of advertising than what we’re used to. Between Cherese’s sharp eye for detail, networking abilities and Corneliu’s hunger for knowledge and eye for future opportunities we knew that the four of us had to become a team, an unstoppable force. That’s why when we were presented with the opportunity to expand into a 4 person team we didn’t hesitate for a second on accepting the offer. Once again a relationship turned into a friendship, where that friendship then turned into something amazing.    

Finally, Peach Black Creative Studio is born!

Having the opportunity to work more on our own brand and by having a well-oiled team filled with dedicated members made the initial branding a simple process as we all felt comfortable to share our respective ideas.

Now for the real Peach Black birthday.

Now that you know how we got to this day in time, you can understand why we are this eager to celebrate. We officially opened our services to Romania and the rest of Europe for a month. To celebrate our 1 month Peach Black birthday you could win one of the services we offer on our services page, excluding our combo deals.

Join in on our competition and you might just be the next Peach Black Birthday winner. Remember that you have the entire week to send in your wishlist as we like to keep the festivities rolling.

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